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And second, the sticker was not, in fact, stuck anywhere on the little piece of plastic. No doubt the same thing happened with my other homeless friend and the manager he dealt with. Talk about having to read the fine print carefully! Click the images to enlarge them. Like Like.

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They even give you the code on the website, given the ripoff prices. Bottom line: a gift card should be like money. Instead they have misnamed the winning prize a gift card, instead of the correct name: a discount card that cannot be combined with any other offers.

I agree. For being such a huge company you would think that McDonalds would be more fair and honest to the people that made them such a huge company. Im not impressed with them at all and i will never eat there again. Al Sorenson.


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You would think that the manager at a McDonalds would know something about the monopoly game and its prizes, ive asked the manager at 3 differant McDonalds and all they said was not quite sure and dont really know that much and dont follow it at all. They were a lot of help.

Part of the problem is that the exact prize redemption procedure for online prizes has changed again this year and become if possible even more intricate. For many years customers ave been able to convince themselves that the Monopoly contest was good, harmless fun but I think that the mask is slipping. I just went through the process of uploading my photo to be turned into a canvas and in small writing it said I would be charged in USD.

Is any company honest anymore?

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There has to be consequences for this type of business practice. I have been constantly punked from microsoft to home depot. The only company that actually improved on their product and went above and beyond what I expected was a rigid shop vac. Good work Rigid. Hopefully you will find another restaurant chain that treats you to an honest product for your money. Shame on MacConlord. Canvaspop is the cheesy marketing that is bound to backfire. Now your elegant artwork in my opinion is stamped with greasy burger.

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Never again! I just went through a flipping nightmare with two different McDonalds locations. Long story short, I left in tears and ready to rip my hair out. I am on disability so I have very little funds. I had no no money, other than this gift card and felt like a complete moron.. And to top it off the driver behind me, got out of his vehicle, came to my window to yell at me and ask me if there was as problem.

Sorry I just needed to share this as many other people have as well. Complete shit.

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Thank you for leaving your comment. Your Now I get it, Mcdonalds is a scam by deceiving people into thinking it was a gift card for their products but instead some shitty prize to cash at another business.

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